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Packaging solutions

The specialization of the Meridus, s.r.o. company is the development of pallets and packaging incl. own creation and tailor-made design documentation for the customer. For our work, we use technical 3D designs and animations to reach the maximal functionality and protection of transported products. 

For the design, we always take into consideration all the specific requirements of the packaged product as weight, dimensions, static requirements, climatic effects, type of material, stackability, rust protection, manipulation, type of transportation, etc.

For the development and manufacturing of packaging, we apply a wide range of materials as wood, corrugated cardboard, flat materials – OSB, plywood, metal, foams, etc.

Furthermore, we can arrange the static calculations, testing of the bear loading capacity of pallets, fall testing and many others. 

You can simply specify your requirements for dimensions, load bearing capacity, treatment etc. and submit your inquiry via our contact form.

Our further services:

Pallet timber


Logistics and completion