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Packaging (palette) timbers (boards)

palett cuts
packaging (palette) timber
   ● boards
   ● planks
   ● beams
compressed blocks

Construction timbers (impregnated, non-impregnated)

  • boards
  • beams
  • planks
  • battens
  • roof truss

Board materials

  • OSB boards
  • plywood

Wooden palettes and packages

  • EURO (new, used)
  • non-standard (tailored)


  • small packs
  • big box


  • facing board
  • floor board
  • spruce
  • European larch
  • Siberian larch

Planed program

  • terrace planks -siberian larch, europe larch, pine
  • fence planks
  • tailored planed timbers

About us

I like doing things my way and therefore I decided to establish Meridus Company. I prefer a different approach than the majority. My business is based on fairness, honesty and correctness. Individual attitude and solutions tailor-made are other pillars Meridus Company is built on. I always try to satisfy both sides so that both of us feel good about our mutual cooperation. Along with my vision that there are different ways and along with my enthusiasm, experience and knowledge I will help you achieve your expectations.


Milos Cervenka, CEO

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